About Me

look at this now Who the hell is Daddy Will Power?

My name is William, but I’ve always gone by Billy. However at about the age of 50 people were taking it upon themselves to call me Bill, which I don’t particularly care for. So, as a means to redirect their presumptuous nature I began to introduce myself as Will. As a man of Mid-Century (20th) vintage, manufacture date 1957 to be exact, at around the age of 50 my boyish appearance had taken on a much more mature and paternal patina, and in being a gay man of such vintage, my demeanor was becoming the personification of the “daddy” archetype within the gay community. Younger men were already beginning to refer to me as Daddy or as a “daddy type.” Being quite comfortable with the physical aspects of what aging has visited upon my appearance, I just decided to roll with it, go with the flow, and thus the persona of Daddy Will came to be. I’d never want the title to mislead anyone into thinking that I have any paternal proclivities whatsoever, on the contrary. I have no desire to be an actual parent, most particularly one of an authoritarian nature. However, I suppose it’s safe to say that I can be compassionate, empathetic and nurturing. Like most people my age I’ve faced my share of challenges and obstacles. And like many people my age I’ve sought out various solutions to my trials and demons, a few avenues which became demons in their own right. I’m no stranger to alcohol and substance abuse. I’ve been visited by a laundry list of neurosis, psychosis, and character disorders. I’ve followed every imaginable self-help guru, bought their books, attended their lectures and retreats. I’ve sought respite in rehab and various forms of therapy, from traditional Jungian/Freudian modalities to a wide array of religious, spiritual, and philosophical practices. There has been the laying of hands, chakras realigned by the ringing of bells, body and soul cleansed by water and any other number of substances introduced from every imaginable orifice. There have been sweats, schvitzes, colonics high and low. There have been rites and rituals practiced by peoples from a plethora of nations both near and far. Did tI mention the laying of hands? There has also been the laying of countless people that hale from indigenous tribes both near and far, from local Hipsters to Himalayan hotties. Hell, I’ve laid most anybody that was willing and available. I’ve been birthed and rebirthed, cleansed my cloudy aura with pristinely clear crystals. I’ve eaten Atkins, Paleo, vegan, macrobiotic, and Manischewitz. Now it’s just a matter of putting it all together and actually doing the grunt work necessary to get me to where I’d like to be in my life.